AN as a New EUtopia - Art Nouveau: a new EUtopia. How the past can be a bridge to a sustainable future.

01.01.2023.– 15.09.2027.

CREA-CULT-2023-COOP-2 European Cooperation Projects Medium Scale

The Project, built upon the results of past European and international projects, proposes to explore the active role of Art Nouveau today and to reinvent itself in the light of sustainable development. The world is facing interconnected crises, prompting a growing emphasis on sustainability across various societal spheres, including architecture. Europe's historical architectures, representing tangible cultural heritage, contribute significantly to city vibrancy, tourism, and citizens' historical awareness. However, the cultural heritage landscape faces challenges, from preservation needs to new uses, all addressed through sustainability. The ‘Cultural heritage counts for Europe’ report underscores the benefits of cultural heritage in driving sustainable development. Art Nouveau, a significant European heritage style, is crucial for understanding connections between heritage and sustainability, bridging the past and present. The New European Bauhaus, introduced in 2020, aligns art, culture, and technology, inspired by the Bauhaus model. Art Nouveau, predating the Bauhaus, promoted social and economic innovation in line with present-day environmental sustainability goals.