The exhibition “Lights.” Glass and design works by Ramona Pēkšēna and Margarita Budze


The artist of glass industry Ramona Pēkšēna and the designer Margarita Budze have displayed original works of contemporary art in the exhibition “Lights”. R. Pēkšēna is developing her creative activities with experimental novelties and by highly sophisticated combining of multiple materials and techniques of glass processing. The aesthetics that R. Pēkšēna possesses, is vividly contemporary and based on the foundations of the classic vision. In parallel with her designer profession M. Budze has been developing her creative line in the field of designing mirrors for several years. Mirror glass is used to make technically complex and sophisticated designed mirrors and interior objects.

11, 19 and 25 March at 16.00 - Talks at the Museum. Meeting with the artists Ramona Pēkšēna and Margarita Budze within the framework of the exhibition “Lights” (book your visit by phone 67181465 or by e-mail jugendstils@riga.lv)