The Jewel of Riga Art Nouveau – Strēlnieku iela 2


This building in Strēlnieku iela 2 (1911) created by architect Mārtiņš Ņukša (1878 -1942) owned by Mārtiņš Bruže. The architecture significantly differs from other buildings in the exaggerated manner of monumental Neoclassicism. In this case, elements of Perpendicular Art Nouveau are interwoven with those of the typically dignified, simple reserve of National Romanticism. Two adjoining, cubically shaped towers and the avant- corp with attached balconies rise from the dynamic façade (artist Burchard Dzenis). This architectural language anticipates Funcionalism or the ModernMovement of the 1920s.

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Text material using Dr. arch. Jānis Krastiņš studies. Photo by Romvalds Salcevičs.