Exhibition Vase in Art Nouveau


This summer, “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” Museum continues its tradition of acquainting visitors with its stock by offering an exhibition of its collection of vases dating back to the beginning of 20th century.  There are more than 180 vases on display made of glass, porcelain, faience, clay and metal suggesting the great diversity and beauty of applied art produce. The vase occupied a significant place in the Art Nouveau interior and floristics therefore the exhibits both enrich the interior of the apartment and are displayed in the museum showcases.

“Over 11 years, the museum has collected a remarkable collection of vases – they represent outstanding pieces of art intended as an interior decoration as well as casual vases for flowers and small plastic art, which were used on different seasonal holidays,” says Agrita Tipane, managing director of the museum. Among the outstanding examples of the art nouveau design there are also the once popular slender glass vases of different colours – malachite, purple, cobalt and others (single flower vases) produced in Jakob Beck’s glass factory in Riga. 

Widely represented is the collection of porcelain, faience and ceramics, where the shape of the vase is complemented by exquisite decals or paintings. Motifs of irises, water lilies, intertwined leaves and stems, embossed flowers, leaves and mythical figures make each vase a unique interior element. 

The exhibition also features small plastic art pieces for the vase function. The small porcelain figures as delicate and humorous decors complete laid tables and trimming of premises. 

Several of the pieces have their own special stories, for example, there is a vase in the exhibition that used to belong to architect Maks Shervinsky and was made in “Celms un Bēms” factory in Riga at the beginning of the 20th century. An elegant art nouveau vase was made in 1915 out of the shell of the First World War projectile; the vase was presented to Knaz Urusov on his 50th anniversary. 

The exhibition is complemented by several pottery pieces – decorative pots for flower pots, which were very popular during the Art Nouveau period.

Please come and enjoy the beauty of Art Nouveau at “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” Museum.

The exhibition is open from 18 June to 27 September.