Museum Riga Art Nouveau Centre Wishes You Happy Easter and Invites You to a New Exhibition


The traditional Easter exhibition in the museum Riga Art Nouveau Centre will be held a little differently this year, i.e. in the virtual environment. This time the magnificent, colourful Easter postcards will take centre stage. This collection is particularly diverse, since in the early 20th century it was very popular to send your friends a colourful postcard at Easter. Let’s take a look at those postcards and drew some inspiration from them so that we can send an Easter greeting to our loved ones, this time electronically!


The museum collection of postcards conjures up the Easter mood of the early 20th century. Brightly coloured, patterned eggs are complete with willow branches, violets, snowdrops, daffodils, lilies of the valley and other spring flowers. At Easter eggs can be found everywhere – in baskets, carts, cups and plates, grass and moss, even in cars. The celebration cannot go on without swinging, it can also be seen in the postcards. Happy pets, cheerful baby chicks, funny birds and even personified bunnies tell about the mood prevailing at Easter. The Christian-themed postcards about the resurrection of Jesus also convey joy and happiness. Vivid spring landscapes, elegance of Art Nouveau compositions and lines accompanied by poems of Latvian poets Kārlis Skalbe, Jānis Akuraters, Rainis, Eduards Veidenbaums, Edvards Treimanis, Augusts Saulietis and others create a true and uniquely colourful festive mood.


The exhibition will be on display at www.jugendstils.riga.lv from 7 April. It will be possible to download the postcards and send them electronically.