Exhibition “Dolly Tales” by Irina Vorkale


Artist Irina Vorkale, the author of the exhibition “Dolly Tales” says: “Each of us has our own story about the lovely toys that we remember for the reasons only we know. There can’t be two similar stories. So I have summoned my courage to tell you my doll story."

The exhibition “Dolly Tales” features Vorkale’s pastel drawings revealing the characters of dolls, friends and children. Some of the heroines of the drawings can be recognized in the artist's friend Elita Kalmane’s doll collection, where each doll has its own name, its own special attire and story. The exhibition also covers a special kind of the early 20th century doll – a teapot heater – expertly restored and dressed in new clothes.

“Dolly Tales” invite everyone to visit the world of childhood dolls. It reminds us of the miracle that matters to every child and every adult who remembers their childhood.

Irina Vorkale (1953) works in water-colour technique, has illustrated books and also expresses herself in applied graphics and design, porcelain and silk paintings, exhibition designs and wall paintings. The artist's works are located in the collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Artists’ Union of Latvia, Ministry of Culture, Museum of Art “Arsenal”, Latvian Culture Foundation and Latvian Embassy in Canada.