“ZEMA” Exhibition of Contemporary Porcelain Jewellery


Starting from 11 October, 2019 museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” in collaboration with the Embassy of Hungary to Latvia has been presenting “ZEMA” exhibition of contemporary porcelain jewellery. The exhibited jewellery is hand work that has been created from high-quality porcelain through cooperation between sculptors and artists. In “ZEMA” jewellery, we see intertwining of Hungarian art, creativity and traditions.

High-quality porcelain has since long been one of the signs Hungary is recognized for. The aim of “ZEMA” enterprise is to create colourful and elegant porcelain jewellery that would bring delight to people also in their daily routine. “ZEMA”, when painting their jewellery, use 21-quarat gold and platinum. The small family enterprise has been able to create a powerful brand that continues to develop and promote the pride of Hungary – the high-quality porcelain in and outside Hungary. According to Erzsébet Papp, head and designer of the company, a significant role in creating the collections belongs to the historic jewellery and patterns of the Hungarian people as well as the motifs arising from art and nature. Art Nouveau of Riga has also served as a source of inspiration for Hungarian artists.

Museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” has been collaborating with the Embassy of Hungary to Latvia for many years, which has led to high-quality exhibitions introducing Latvian population to Art Nouveau and contemporary art of Hungary. The exhibition of contemporary jewellery “ZEMA” forms a part of the Days of Hungary 2019 and will be open for visitors at the museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” until 1 December.