Exhibition Lilacs


Jaunmokas Manor, Tume civil parish, Tukums area.

On 11 April, the exhibition Lilacs prepared by the museum Riga Art Nouveau Centre of the Association of Cultural Institutions of the Riga City Council will open in the romantic and peaceful atmosphere of Jaunmokas Manor.
For ten years, the museum Riga Art Nouveau Centre has been devotedly working on its collection of Art Nouveau objects that were made or used in Latvia. The motifs of nature characteristic of the style and a plenitude of objects adorned with lilacs led to the idea of the exhibitions of flowers, and Lilacs is one of them. Lilacs can be seen on the crockery made in M. S. Kuznetsov’s porcelain and faience factory and hand-painted in the workshop of J. Jaksch & Co., as well as on the napkins embroidered a hundred years ago.

Everyday objects designed in the elegant Art Nouveau style, embroidery, picture cards and postcards featuring lilacs adorn the interior of the former hunting lodge of George Armitstead, Mayor of Riga. The collection of the museum Riga Art Nouveau Centre is complemented with fine objects from private collections.

The cooperation between the museum Riga Art Nouveau Centre and the company SIA “Jaunmoku pils” began several years ago by participating in the events organised by the manor, holding exhibitions and displaying clothing worn by ladies and gentlemen during the Art Nouveau period from the museum collection.

For more information please call 3107125 or 26187442.