Exhibition “Retrospection III”


The exhibition will consist of more than sixty items from the collection. Widely represented will be the collection of tea and coffee cups. The most exquisite and elaborated painted cups are produced in Kuznetsov porcelain and faience factories in Riga and Volhov. The exhibition will also feature foreign produce, such as serving dishes and bowls from Villeroy&Bosh, a glass carafe with glasses made in Czech Republic at the beginning of the 20th century. A part of the exhibited items represent kitchenware of the Art Nouveau period. A simple and functional cream for daily use in housekeeping and fruitcake moulds for making beautiful and delicious desserts, as well as an embroidery made in Latvia at the beginning of 1900s for storing cutlery and many other items. Ladies will like the fine glass items featuring in the collection – perfume bottles from porcelain and painted glass. For men, there are luxuriant wooden pipes with metal decorations.