Art Nouveau objects in Riga

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Fasādes rasējums

Tērbatas iela 14 (1909.)

Architect: Konstantīns Pēkšēns

The building was built for the needs of Riga Pārdaugava Mutual Credit Cooperative Bank according to the project that recieved the 1st place in project contest. Architectonic finish of the building is designed in the manner of Perpendicular Art Nouveau by using high-quality materials. The façade is clad with grey and black granite from Finland and Sweden. Initially, part of ornamental reliefs were aureate. Panels of the interior wall that were made of precious wood were destroyed in 1960s. The greatest part of interior finish designed in the manner of Art Nouveau was destroyed around 2010 according to the project of architect M. Ģelzis. Stained glass made in A.Kahlert's workshop in Riga by design of painter and glass artist Kārlis Brencēns are preserved in the windows of the staircase. They symbolise education, transport, trade, navigation a.o. themes. There is a portrait of initiator of The First Latvian National Awakening, economist and publicist Krišjānis Valdemārs between the first and the second floor. The doors of a strongroom located on the second floor are adorned with an authentic inscription in expressive Art Nouveau letters saying “Steel Room“ (“Tērauda istaba“).

Author Dr.arch. Jānis Krastiņš